Money Attraction

Money Attraction

How to attract money?

Most people have blocked energy money.

Energy wealth flows but does not flow freely through their body and through it is not possible physical manifestation in the outside world.

Every day you ask yourself:

Why money does not appear in my life easy, the more so that I have everything I want, or even more?

To answer this question you must ask yourself the other:

How often I am in the vibration of abundance ?? How often do I think about what I was doing, where I was, what I had?
How often I arouse in a pleasant, wonderful thoughts about wealth ??
How often do you watch views, situations, images, images that give me a sense of well-being of the universe?

If you do not overflow the vibration of abundance, it is not possible to zmanifestowała it in your experience … ..

I use this very pleasant exercise that I developed, in order to emanate feelings thrive and thus attracted to each other circumstances in which I physically experienced wealth.

These exercises make anyone who performs them literally THROUGH FUN creates lots and lots of vibration of abundance!


What are your thoughts on these tasks Anne, one of the participants?

It was my best investment in yourself.
Over the four days when they worked on assignments I pulled more than the vibration of abundance in my entire life so far.
On the first day zadziały small miracles!


How are you?

Do you feel that your money is poorly you hold? They do not want to swim? I still think to yourself, “I’d like to have, but I can not afford it”

lack of money

Living in uncertainty is enough for basic expenses “from the first to the first” is not a life that is for you, because lies are all instilled these beliefs about lack and scarcity of money so that was enough for all.

There is a LOT of money around the world, there is a LOT of plenty
and all sorts of goods, but if in the area of money has POVERTY AWARENESS you never experience wealth.

If your dominant vibration in the area of money is NOT vibration and it will be manifested in a lack of money, instead of the free influx of wealth.

Man showing his empty pocket, no money

You are energy generator and shape the future aspects of your experience. Put simply what it emanate the dominant part, it comes back to you in the form MATERIAL EXPERIENCE.


What do Irek participant:

The training is unique. I got the tools “through which I can work independently with its own vibration and money thanks to the tasks I know how to use them!
It was a lovely adventure and fun combined
with very valuable knowledge!


People often wring their hands when watching your life that are not always as they would like, but you have to know that at any moment you can begin to emanate ANOTHER, BETTER ENERGY thereby attracting better aspects of their future experiences.

You lifelong work hard and die poor, because it attracts LAW DOES NOT RESPOND TO YOUR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY but the frequency of the vibrations that emanate.

Each created through you mind affects your vibration frequency
and since the frequency of vibrations depends on to what extent you allow abundance to flow through your experience.


In the area of money created / you have already defined vibrational patterns which continue to speak.
You can see with your eyes how this pattern vibrating looking at financial freedom in your life.

You are happy with it / and?

If not, I invite you to participate in the next edition of this training, you changed / a completely your point of attraction in terms of money and indulged in material wealth, for the full financial freedom.


What thoughts Titus participant:

A fantastic experience! After two days of training I noticed positive changes, and I know that this is just the beginning.
It’s like touching a magic wand – opens your mind and emotions!
I would recommend anyone who strives for prosperity and wealth and is at the very beginning of the road.


If in your life you do not have enough money, it means that your thoughts in the area of money correspond shortcomings, not the presence of money in your life.

Today is a new day of your life, you can change everything about it – to work!
The stream flowed abundantly, flowing and will flow. Whether you connect to it, and you can do it using its energy depends only on you!

Thanks to them, you begin to emanate a vibration of abundance and thus become a magnet for abundance into your life!

wealth (1)


What do Janina participant training:

On the second day when he “discovered” (thanks to your
summary), it could be really cool interesting started to have a great time, I began to give great pleasure.
4 days of writing history that makes the 4 day of each cell in our body reacts as a way created by our new reality. THANK YOU 🙂


What you attract?

It is important that you listened to your feelings, you have in yourself when you think about money. If you think you’re talking about money and feel eg. Fear (any negative emotion) is not talking about money but about the LACK of money and therefore attracting CIRCUMSTANCES NOT FULL OF MONEY.

Some of my readers wrote to me: ‘Elu, but I do not know if what aspects emanates and what ATTRACT “

RESPONSIBLE: “Look around and ask yourself what situation you have more in your life, including where the money coming to you freely, or those in which you do not have enough money – TO BE JUST YOUR PARENT overwhelming Manifestations.

WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC NEWS: At any time you can begin to change your dominant vibration, by producing more positive thoughts of abundance than ever before, and thus more positive feelings, what will INDIVIDUAL signs that the vibration of what’s creating are also positive.

(Note that as far as concentration on those sentences, your feelings are becoming more joyful. This means that your energy in the area of money INCREASE)

-> I like money!
-> I love it when a lot of money in my experience!
-> I want to experience the splendor of life!
-> I am a wonderful creature!
-> The ideal energy flow of money through my experience, I love it!
-> Energy wealth pulsates in every cell of my body
-> Money are great tools in my hands
-> I appreciate any amount
-> I pay tribute to the luxury of what I have
-> I love life, I want to throbbed within me the energy of abundance
-> The perfect harmony and wealth


(Note that as far as concentration on those sentences, your feelings have become increasingly blocked. This means that your energy in the area of money decreases)

-> I do not know where to get the money
-> I never have enough money
-> Money is bad
-> Pisses me off is that others have more than I
-> Money is not important to me
-> I do not deserve to have a lot of money, I’m an ordinary man
-> I do not know what the future will bring, afraid to lack of money

We are happy to show you how with a few simple exercises emanate a vibration of wealth and attracted to each other about what is at the moment, you can not even dream of.
Next edition:

What is my investment
for four days of individual collaboration?

The next edition of the promotion:
290 zł 380 zł

If you have a question, write to me:


About the training:

Every day from when it begins to get access to training individual lessons (pdf + tasks, the performance of which will increase the flow of goods into your life)
To become familiar with the material, training and execution of the tasks that each lesson provides you all day and all night.
We respect your time and I urge that you YOU himself consciously every day, he spent as much time as you want and when you want your new improved reality!
Everyone works at its own pace, in the hours that best suit him.
A day later, I am sending you access to the next lesson, and you send me the made up for the task, so that I could check them out and if necessary correct – this date will know / and on what you still need to work on to the direction of your attention is the most precise .

So you act in individual work with me for all 4 days.

When it comes time to writing tasks in the early days you need to reserve approx. 60-80 minutes each day.
After the training, you can reduce this time. I Setting your watch for 42 minutes and in that time, performs tasks that make up a strong vibration attracting wealth.

Certainly you can do it wygodarować this time just for yourself and your future!


training plan
Day 1

You will learn the most important first step you need to do to make money easily could appear in your experience
For many years of his life created patterns, beliefs, some of which become your dominant vibration and the dominant vibration corresponds to the law of attraction – you learn to distinguish them and change
You’ll be able to / and accurately pinpoint the moment in which you create a lack of abundance – thus you learn never to do
You’ll find out why there is still maintained in your life
You learn to change your dominant vibration in the area of money on a more positive, attracting to himself the circumstances in which will be present prosperity
We will work to increase the frequency of vibration and the flow of money through your experience
I’ll explain why you should start attracting the amount in which the ability to flow, you will be able to believe
You learn to accept the possibility of creating appropriate conditions to allow the free flow of money into your experience
I’ll teach you to create positive vibrations in the area of wealth

day 2

Day of exposing the negative beliefs in the area of money
Freedom from negative blockages related to money
I will present you a lot of negative beliefs linked with money and change them to positive conviction
NEGATIVE CONVICTION -> Money does not bring happiness – (POSITIVE CHANGE BELIEFS) -> Money is a great tool, so that I can experience the great experiences and give joy to the people that I love
With the creation of the low vibrations full of fear and worry about the money spent, you change your approach in positive expectation on the re-emergence of abundance in your experience.

day 3

You will find that you do not have to be afraid of their negative beliefs if only ……… do just that you will learn on training
You will learn what will be the first sign of this that you begin to change its vibration pattern in money matters
This expectation for some it is not a barrier to cross, then what will be helpful for you so that you through doubt, departed not out of his abundance, which created and that’s just waiting to be able to manifest itself
You will discover a word that you can use anytime, anywhere, and which does not have in themselves no resistance, so thanks to him you can consciously attract to yourself anything you want
Valuable advice to “weaker days,” which will help you direct your thoughts on the positive track
You will learn what you need to concentrate to the law of attraction zmanifestowało abundance in your life
You will learn techniques that will help you create positive vibrations in the area of money and increase your sense of abundance.

day 4

You will learn why even thinking about the money, you get a shortage
You will know the opinion of the money, which cause feelings corresponding shortcomings
You will learn why what appears / will appear in your experience has nothing to do with what others are doing, others have.
You will discover an item that attracts you more prosperity
You will discover feelings that are not harmonized with the desire of money
You will see a short film that proves you that you are living in a world made up
potential reality until … ..nie make a choice and do not start to see that the reality of what you want to be.
Why spoken affirmations nothing to change in your life?
Until now, you could take care of your physical activity is one factor in the formation of corresponding events – and it is not.
When your actions are in harmony with what is best for you?

To participate
training, do TRANSFER >>

What about training others think?

I would like to thank Eli for the course 4 days Attracting money.
I am a 58 year old woman, I read in my life, a lot of publications related to development.
I have not met, but so far, this course, anything poruszyłoby me so deeply as the word and contact with Ela.
The course is wyśmienity.To misterium.To reinvent itself siebie.To change that takes place in us and remains.
Change for the better, as it is for us to understand the basics.
An honor for me to be in contact with Ela. Only by participating in the course, you can feel the change for the better in our życiu.To wonderful moments, let him learn that I got from Eli pays off in my life.
Let this science which provide Ela also pay off in the experience of many, many people.

Jolanta J.

4-day training “How to attract money,” this training specialized and focused on one area – plenty. It improves our view of something, which despite appearances is very important in life, it gives us greater satisfaction but there are effects – definitely recommend these four days, really worth it !!!!!!!!

Jola G.

Welcome Elu,
Your 4-day training is great. It is a completely different look at the world of money and sphere of life associated with them.
It is primarily full of suggestive images sent to the better treatment of money and odbrązawia myth of money as something hard to get. It deprives life of taboos about money.

It should also be an element of financial education for everyone conscious of their human value and a must on the road of self-development. I recommend highly!

Peter G.

Ela very interesting leads the training I had a lot of knowledge about attracting money when I started this course, but Ela has made me a lot of missing pieces
and could all this great synchronize to constitute a unified knowledge arranged as needed.
I am very happy that I could take part in such an interesting project because now I’m sure I will be able to attract the amount you want.
I admit that eagerly waited for each email because I knew it was me closer to my goal.
Ela great was oriented in my mistakes and corrected them immediately and well-prepared material had only to read carefully in order not to make the same mistakes.

Working with her is a pleasure, once again thank you

Zbigniew S.

I am extremely grateful to Eli, because he showed me the way that I have to hold on, I realized his desires and fulfill your dreams for the money, so once again I thank you Elu for your heart and your commitment to helping people who want to change their lives .

Adrian K.

I admit that the training helped me to better understand the application of the law of attraction.
I had quite a lot, in my opinion theoretical knowledge but much less information about the skills tune waves with a specific purpose. I will certainly use the suggestions and recommendations of the training.
I think that we will meet more than once, I looked on your website Elu.
The student

Robert K.

Welcome Elżuniu !!!!!!!!
It is remarkable kurs.Jestem it simply delighted.
No read my book about attracting prosperity has not developed in me as awareness of how your course.
We sincerely thank you for it, because thanks to you I know that if only you really want, I can attract into your life practically everything, and the most important is that now I know how really I can dokonać.I is great !!!!!! !!!!
Once again, thank you and welcome you warmly greet


Thank you Elizabeth for opinions that during the course were very helpful to me. It turned out that I was right to direct their attention to the training that I chose consciously, being convinced that I was doing something wrong.
I am satisfied with the conduct of the course, who pointed out my mistakes and shortcomings exposed.

The first time I participated in such an intensive work involving the direct participation of the competent control. How can we ask for more? Thank Elżbietko. I greet warmly

Grazyna M.

The training I really enjoyed it, especially the practical exercises – they allowed me to try new behaviors, new way of thinking about money. I believe in the effectiveness of this “method” and I must admit that much better I feel when I think in terms of abundance rather than deficiencies. I also noticed that it changed my approach to money, I discovered that the money can be like, and associate it with good energy.
Certainly much depends on awareness and perseverance in the incorporation of the new habits, but I already have the tools, the rest depends on me. Ms. training also made me realize how important it is to engender in itself feelings, emotions, and not just repeat formulas / affirmation. So far, no one so obviously I did not realized.

Karolina K.

Training “How to attract money,” opens our mind to many new aspects of life. I highly recommend you sign up for a four-day training, because it gives you the opportunity to experience new states of mind, thoughts associated with attracting money.

Thanks to the training I have gained specific knowledge of how to attract money. This knowledge is presented in a clear, legible, based on many examples. Theoretical knowledge acquired can be immediately put into practice (and yet that’s the point !!!).

The great advantage of the course is positive contact Ms. Elizabeth. Always at the time I received exhaustive commentary on my tasks.
I am grateful that I could participate in this training. I would highly recommend. Really worth:)

Agnieszka B.

Wonderful course! Signing up for him led back to the right track in my life! I always knew that my thoughts create my reality, and although many things układało out as I wanted, however, were the areas where you went worse and at some point somewhere’m confused …

Thanks to Eli and her fantastic exercises remembered in the right direction
and the way to achieve what I want. I also got a big dose of new knowledge. It was a wonderful and exciting experience, and at the same time great fun! Every day, I use the inspiration of Eli and I see that my life becomes beautiful (and richer;)) colors!
Elu, thank you for everything, let the good comes back to you multiplied!

Aneta P.
satisfaction guarantee
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